Snake devours huge frogmouth outside woman’s window, disturbing video shows

An Australian woman was sipping her coffee when she noticed some feathers flying around outside. As she looked out of a window behind her, she was shocked to discover a... Read more »

Crusader skeletons discovery sheds new light on the Crusades

A medieval burial pit in Lebanon is shedding new light on the Crusader era in the Middle East. The Crusades were a series of religious wars that began in... Read more »

The Hubble just took a gorgeous new image of the Southern Crab Nebula’s wonky gas bubbles

Twenty years after first exposing this nebula’s wonky hourglass shape, the Hubble Space Telescope returns to the Southern Crab Nebula to capture a stunning anniversary image. The Hubble was... Read more »

Hiker discovers cute ‘abandoned puppy,’ gets big surprise

The animal was discovered in a Southern California canyon. (The San Diego Humane Society) A hiker in Southern California thought he had found an abandoned puppy in a canyon... Read more »

Einstein letter defending his Jewish heritage up for auction

Shortly before the start of World War II, Albert Einstein, perhaps the world’s most famous theoretical physicist, wrote a letter to a colleague detailing his thoughts on the “power... Read more »

Living ‘balloon on a string’ discovered in the deepest part of the Indian Ocean

This potentially new species of sea squirt looks like a balloon on a string. (Five Deeps Expedition) The depths of the Indian Ocean are home to some bizarre creatures... Read more »

11-foot alligator captured in Florida after rescue crew mistakes it for unconscious person

A group of firefighters worked well into the night to ensure an 11-foot alligator that was lurking around a Miami neighborhood was captured, but due to safety concerns, the... Read more »

Indiana hiker spots huge snake hanging from tree branch

A hiker in Zionsville, Indiana was in for a slithery surprise when she came across a huge eastern rat snake hanging from a tree branch. The hiker, identified as Michelle... Read more »

Titanic victim’s long-lost letter surfaces, describes near miss as doomed ship set out on its maiden voyage

The Titanic (right) and the SS City of New York come “within an ace” of colliding with each other at Southampton as Titanic departed on its ill-fated maiden voyage,... Read more »

Indiana farmers uncover ancient mastodon bones

Workers make stunning discovery of mastodon bones while installing sewer on farm Installation of a new sewer on an Indiana farm led to an incredible discovery of 13,000-year-old mastodon... Read more »