U.N. rights experts urge Indonesia to probe use of snake in Papua interrogation

GENEVA (Reuters) – United Nations rights experts have urged Indonesia to investigate accusations of violence by police and military in Papua after a video showed officers using a live... Read more »

U.S. to leave 200 American peacekeepers in Syria after pullout

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States will leave “a small peacekeeping group” of 200 American troops in Syria for a period of time after a U.S. pullout, the White... Read more »

Putin to U.S.: I’m ready for another Cuban Missile-style crisis if you want one

MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is militarily ready for a Cuban Missile-style crisis if the United States wanted one, and that his country currently... Read more »

Trump ‘in no rush’ on North Korea denuclearization as envoy heads to finalize summit plans

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he wants North Korea to end its nuclear program, but has no pressing time schedule for this, as he... Read more »

Cuba denies military in Venezuela, charges U.S. readies intervention

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba denied on Tuesday it has security forces in Venezuela and charged the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign of lies paving the way for... Read more »

Trump aides ignored legal warnings in pushing reactor plan: Democratic report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Top White House aides ignored repeated warnings they could be breaking the law as they worked with former U.S. officials and a close friend of President... Read more »

Keira Knightley film calls for unity in divided times

LONDON (Reuters) – Keira Knightley said her new film “The Aftermath”, set in the bombed-out ruins of Hamburg just after the end of the Second World War, had important... Read more »

U.S.-backed Syria force seeks help with Islamic State prisoner ‘time bomb’

BEIRUT/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Hundreds of foreign jihadist fighters held in Syria represent a “time bomb” and could escape and threaten the West unless countries do more to take them... Read more »

Poland pulls out of Israel summit in row over WW2 role

WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland pulled out of a planned summit in Israel on Monday, its prime minister said, after Israel’s acting foreign minister said “many Poles” had collaborated with... Read more »

Spanish warship ordered ships to leave British waters near Gibraltar

FILE PHOTO: A cloud partially covers the tip of the Rock of the British territory of Gibraltar at sunrise from La Atunara port before Spanish fishermen sail in their... Read more »